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Lineage Societies

National and State Lineage Societies

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If you can trace one of your ancestral lines far enough back in time, and if you have acceptable proof, you might be able to join a lineage society.  Here are links to the most popular ones.  (You can find links to others by doing internet searches for descriptive words.)  Links below include those for the organization’s national headquarters web page, and their applicable Pennsylvania page, as well as local individual chapters. Ensure to look for information about joining, and contacting the organization on each of the respective sites.


Society of Mayflower Descendants

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants

National Site  |  State Contact 



The Daughters of the American Revolution

National Site  |  Chapters

Sons of the American Revlolution

The Sons of the American Revolution

National Site  |  Pennsylvania Chapter

First Families of Pennsylvania

First Families of Pennsylvania

Main Site

PA Sons of the American Revolution

The Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution

Main Site  |  Chapters

Sons of Veterans of the Civil War PA

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

National Site  |  Pennsylvania