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Exposition Park Tour

Exposition Park 1908 0 Artist's Conception
Getting to Exposition Park: Boat Docks at the Southern end of Conneaut Lake
Steamer on standby
Steamers on the lake
Exposition Park Shoreline 1890s - Note the Convention Hall in the center
Damage Area of the Dec 1908 Fire
Boat Pavilion 1908
Boat Pavilion 1909
The Docks at Exposition Park - 1910s
Passengers disembarking 1910
Park Ave West
Park Ave west overlay
Lake St north
Hotel Reney / Elmwood
Hotel Mantor / Lakeside Inn
Center St south Gardens
Post Office - Center St.
Sunken Gardens and Auditorium
Center St - Sunken Gardens Overlay
Park Ave and Center -west
Park Ave and Center Overlay
The Dreamland Ballroom
Dancing Pavilion
The Exposition Park Band Orchestra
Exposition Park Two Step

Play the Exposition Park Two Step c 1903

(courtesy of Anita Miller, performed by Ashley Mattocks-Rose)

Lower Park Ave East Overlay
Lower Park Ave East
The Commons
New Boat Pavillion
Hotel Conneaut - North Wing Addition 1920s
The Boardwalk
Hotel Conneaut 1910s
Hotel Conneaut South Wing
Hotel Conneaut - Exposition Park Hotel 1893
Hotel Virginia 1910
Hotel Virginia Breakfast Menu - 1911
Hotel Virginia 1906 Overlay
Three-Way Figure - Brown Ave and Center StEight Toboggan Sled Roller Coaster
Riders in the Three-Way Figure Eight Single Carriage
Brown Ave (east) - Note the cottages to the left that were dynamited to stop the 1908 fire.
Pittsburgh Gazette Ads for the Park in the 1910s
Queen of Summer Resorts - Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Promotional Pamphlet
Train Station
The Log Cabin
The Park Hotel
Park Hotel Overlay
Middle Park Ave East 1916
Park Ave and Comstock Midway
Park Ave (east) Overlay
Laughing Gallery 1910s
Laughing Gallery Overlay
Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round west
Park Ave and Comstock - Colonial Cafe
Upper Park Ave - West
Upper Park Ave - East
Upper Park Ave (east) Overlay
Race Track
Race Track East with Grandstand (Right)
Exposition Park Fair Grounds 1904
The Hotel Bismark and Skate Rink
The Pond and Trolley Station
The Chute the Chutes 1911
The Trolley Station

1922 Sanborn Insurance Map

Sanborn Insurance Map - Conneaut Lake Park - 1922

Enjoy a Day at Exposition Park!